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New Inventory is Here!


We only have a few shirts left. As of 6/7/14 here is your selection. 

As you can see only a few of each size and type so order asap:

HOT T-shirts and Tank Tops $20 Each

Ladies Gilden Heavy Cotton T-shirts
XS - 2
S - 2
M - 2
L - 3

Men's Gilden Ultra Cotton T-shirts
S - 1
M - Sold out
L - Sold out
XL - 1
2XL - 3

Ladies Bella Tank
S - 7
M - 6
L - 4

Men's Tank
XL - 2
2XL - 2

The Story Behind the H.O.T. T
In 2011 Tatu did a weekend intensive Kinbaku workshop at the West Michigan Rope Group.
Upon arrival he discovered they had designed these shirts.
At first he thought it was done for the event,
but later discovered they were made months before as a fan shirt.

The designer has kindly given the design to Tatu to market
to help finance his educational endeavors.


T-Shits are $20 each plus $5.00 postage & handling.

To order please email Tatu at:


Please Note: Tatu does not  vend at events; he concentrates on teaching,
but will happily to deliver your shirt to an event if payment is made in advance.
So payment arrangements must be made before the event.
Even with advanced payment, permission must be given from the event producer as well.

If interested please email us at the address above.

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Design Close Up
Hot close up